early life

I grew up in Ontario, Canada, my family moving several times between cities before finally settling down in suburban Toronto. It was there that I obtained most of my schooling before attending University.

At home, I’m the middle child between two sisters, meaning I’ve never had a shortage of people around. In between going on neighbourhood adventures, I would often lose myself in books, something that hasn’t changed much over the years. At school, I tended toward the quiet side as a student, usually completing my work independently and spending my free time reading. By grade 4, I transferred into the gifted program and then eventually the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in high school, from which I graduated in 2019. I was fairly involved throughout high school, serving on school councils, and participating in sports such as track & field, volleyball, and rugby.


Until I reached high school, technology use was a rare priviledge in our household. Computers was used primarily for studying or working, and the exclusivity of it all piqued my curiosity. When I reached grade 7, my sister began a computer science course in high school. Having nothing better to do, I decided I wanted to follow along. From there, I discovered raw HTML and CSS. The webpage I made was crude and ugly, but it didn’t matter to me at all- I was simply amazed that I could control the pixels on the screen. From then on, I spent much of my free time on learning and gaining experience in software development. This experience came from all sorts of places: I attended hackathons all throughout high school, hosted workshops at my school, and worked on personal projects whenever I could.

up next

I currently study Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I’m excited to work on and use new technology to positively impact communities and help improve the world we live in as a whole.

current term

Software Engineering Internship at Figma


San Francisco