Jan 2021 - Apr 2021

Toronto, ON - remote

Clojure, React, SQL


I worked remotely as a Fullstack Engineer Intern again for the Winter term of 2021, this time for Synqrinus, a market research company based on Toronto. Though I was working with React again, this time I was using coding primarily coding in Clojure, a functional language that provided a nice change of scenery and was a good experience. The engineering team primarily worked on internal tools that supported the rest of the company.

Some of the features I worked on while at the company were improvements to the company's internal timesheets tool and marketing survey generator.

For my final project at Synqrinus, I was tasked with creating an internal data visualization dashboard for the team. This project spanned everything from the initial scoping and designing, to implementation, all the way to testing in the end. It was a great opportunity to dive deeper into a large project with less hand-holding from the rest of the team and truly take ownership over a product.